Automatic Impulse Sealer

Automatic Impulse Sealer

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Eliminating the errors of manual process, Sepack presents a digitally

intelligent range of automatic impulse sealing machines with state-of- art

features. Like microprocessor control for accurate timing, electro-magnetic jaw

for perfect sealing pressure. Automatic or foot switch operated process control

and more. An automatic impulse sealer for fast and perfect packaging of

a wide range of products. Excellent for supermarkets and FMCG sectors.

Sepack Impulse Sealers


I Sealing width: 5 mm I Sealing speed: 20 pouches/min

I Dual operation modes: Automatic: Continuous operation with pre-set timer.

Manual-Foot- switch based operation control.

*Pouch used for testing:10 micron thickness multilayer pouch, pouch placing time not included.